A fifty-ish, suburbanite Kansan wife (not an oxymoron), mother of three two-legged and one four-legged, I practice calligraphy professionally. I also volunteer in my community and for my alma mater.

I inherited my father’s political junkie DNA, more avidly policy-oriented and less energized by campaign processes or strategies. I also inherited my mother’s eye for color and design, though I do not translate it as brilliantly in my garden as she did.

A spiritual person by nature, I’m self-assured enough to admit to little knowledge — even as I relish this life-long quest to understand. What I totally do not get is how so many purport to know so much and are so free to legislate their beliefs for the rest of us to live by. I expect this blog will give vent to my musings and misgivings – and hopefully invite your voice into some probing conversations along the way. I’ll post whatever gems I find from far and wide – and maybe even one or two right from the garden!


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