Why après cinquante?

I am not a writer – at least I don’t think of myself as one.  I am not a prodigious a reader, though it’s preferable to the former — or just easier, I suppose!  I have edited other’s work over the years and thought about making a career of that, at one point.  But today I’m wrestling too-long-bottled frustration with current cultural and political life.  I need to vent, over this virtual page, other ideas and perspectives — to give some counterpoint to the all-too-lopsided rants.  Perhaps you’ll find something to share around your conversation circles.

Après cinquante is French for “after 50,” right where I find myself these days!  Thinking broadly about achievement, goals and purpose.  Maybe I have reached some wiser stage of life or maybe I am an old version of a young adult self?  In any case, you’ll tune in or out my ramblings. If you do check back from time to time, I hope you’ll find it occasionally worthwhile.

à tout à l’heure,


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